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Hours shown below is on an average sleep /day

9 Hours
8 Hours
8.4 Hours
8.3 Hours
8 Hours

What is #SleepIntern?

Sleep Internship is an innovative internship program where we pay you ₹1 lakh to sleep 9 hours a night, every night for 100 nights. During the internship period, the interns are also given guidance by sleep experts, nutritionists, fitness experts and interior designers to improve the quality of sleep in various aspects of their lifestyle.

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23 people clinch that dream job: ‘sleep 9 hours for 100 nights, earn ₹1 lakh’

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Ever dreamt of a ‘dream’ job? Wakefit.co had it!

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Welcome to the world of Wakefit. We are passionate about sleep and are on a mission to revolutionize sleep in India. Our products are a result of endless experiments and intense Research and Development, so that we are able to solve sleep problems in innovative ways.